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About Rolli's.

Truck Designs began in Sandy Oregon in 1980 at the home of Richard Rolli. What started as a side business eventually became a full time job for Him, his son Jeff and Jeff’s best friend Ken.


In 2003 Truck Designs Auto Body moved to the exact location they are at today. Summer of 2012 Jeff purchased the company from his Father and a couple years later added a sister company Rolli's Auto Detail which has a second location inside the Gresham Tonkin Honda. Jeff has expanded the collision repair shop to multiple buildings throughout the complex to accommodate higher production for the growing business and staff. With over 20 employees including the original three Richard, Ken and Jeff.

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About The Owner.

Jeff Rolli spent Summers and days off out in the shop sanding cars helping his Dad with projects. Which then turned into his first and only job.  Now going on a 30 year partnership and passion for the automotive industry. He has adapted to new technology, material and processes to improve the experience and outcome for each repair.



I would never be where I’m at today or be the man I am without my dad Dick Rolli. He taught me a lot about this industry, how to work hard, and be the best father I can to my children. I’m a businessman but first I’m a father and husband. Surrounded by my beautiful wife Jessica and two beautiful daughters Jaylee and Josie. We work together as a team to strive for success of our family businesses!



I live and breathe the paint and automotive industry. My passion, hard work ethic and dedication has led me to who and where I’m at today! Carrying it on down to my children and younger generation of employees.



We like to work hard but also play hard. I enjoy all sports and have a love for the outdoors. Snowmobiles have been a huge part of my life and my family’s life growing up and to this day still is. I have a big passion for this industry as well, the places and views you can go and see in the backcountry is like nothing else I’ve experienced.

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